Our history



Aromatic Paper of Eritrea was created in 1927 by Dott.Vittoriano Casanova, a pharmacist in Piacenza, that after more than three years of research that makes a Aromatic Paper Officinale through fumigation, could smell persistently environments: the time 'use of fumigation was widely used and numerous mixtures for incense and Officinal cards included in pharmacopoeias Officers of some Northern European countries.


The Aromatic Paper d 'Eritrea is realized since then with the same formulation, composed of a mix of more than 30 among natural essential oils, the majority of which are of African and Asian origin, mosses and resins. These still are pulverized by hand in a mortar and left for weeks in infusion in pure alcohol.


With the final mixture is soaked for adsorption the tissue paper composed of pure cellulose, and after drying is cut and punched to achieve the classic "booklets".


The perfume extraordinary Card Aromatica of Eritrea, given off by the combustion of the strips, is done without the use of artificial colors, fragrances nor reconstructed in the laboratory.


With the unique fragrance of the Aromatic Paper d 'Eritrea is provided a complete line of products for the fragrance of the environments, the car and for aromatherapy.

Dr. Vittoriano Casanova was awarded the gold medal of the 'Order of Pharmacists of the Province of Piacenza.