Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea® (Aromatic Paper of Eritrea) was created in 1927 by Dott.Vittoriano Casanova, a pharmacist from Piacenza, who after more than three years of research, produces an Officinal Aromatic Paper that could persistently scent the environment through fumigations: at the time the use of fumigation was widespread, in fact in the Official Pharmacopoeia of some Northern European countries there were numerous mixtures for Incenses and Officinal Papers.

Since then, the Aromatic Paper of Eritrea is made with the same formula, composed of a mix of mosses, resins and over 30 natural essential oils, the majority of which are of African and Asian origin. The resins are still pulverized by hand in the mortar and left in infusion in pure alcohol for weeks.

Dott. Vittoriano Casanova 2 - Carta Aromatica d'Eritrea

The absorbent paper composed of pure cellulose is soaked with the final mixture, and after drying it is cut and punched to create the classic “booklets”. The extraordinary fragrance of the Aromatic Paper of Eritrea released by the combustion of the strips is obtained without using artificial dyes or fragrances reconstructed in the laboratory.

With the inimitable fragrance of the Aromatic Paper of Eritrea, has been created a complete Line of products for perfuming rooms, cars and for Aromatherapy.

Dr. Vittoriano Casanova has been awarded the gold medal of the Order of Pharmacists of the Province of Piacenza.


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